Wednesday, December 15, 2010

School committee set to vote on school closings tonight

The Boston School Committee is slated to vote on closing or merging nearly 20 schools at tonight's meeting at English High.

The Globe has an article about the Agassiz community feeling betrayed about being on the closure list since their test scores appeared to be improving and some facilities work had been completed.

If the Agassiz does close, the Lyndon may have to take 60 students from that school, according to this article from the West Roxbury Transcript. Other schools with empty seats in the west zone (as well as other zones) may also have extra students next year, but it doesn't sound like they're talking about increasing class size.

Friday, December 3, 2010

List of schools proposed to close next year

The superintendent presented her plan for closing and merging schools at last night's school committee meeting. In addition to the others mentioned earlier, the following schools may close:
  • Agassiz Elementary
  • Fifield Elementary
  • Middle School Academy
  • Farragut Elementary
Generally, children at these schools would have preference in other schools in their zone with open seats, after sibling preference is taken into account.

Rather than close, Clap Elementary will become an "innovation school".


The following would be merged under the plan:
  • Alighieri and Umana
  • Urban Science Academy and Parkway Academy of Technology and Health
  • Brook Farm Business & Service Career Academy and Media Communications Technology High School
  • Excell High School and Monument High School
The following schools would be expanded:
  • Holland elementary would add a K1.
  • Trotter elementary would add a K1.
  • King K-8 would add the K1 and K2 classes from the East Zone ELC 
  • TechBoston Academy will increase the number of high school seats.
  • Dearborn will expand to a 6-12 science, technology, engineering and mathematics program

Thursday, December 2, 2010

Additional school closings to be proposed

The Globe reports that the school committee will hear recommendations tonight for closing additional Boston public schools. According to the Globe article, the superintendent will recommend a total of about a dozen school closings. Earlier, five were recommended to close (Emerson Elementary, the East Zone Learning Center, the Roger Clapp Elementary School, the Social Justice Academy, and the Engineering School), and two may merge (Joseph Lee Elementary School and the Lee Academy Pilot School). So that leaves another half dozen or so that we may hear about at the school committee meeting at English High at 6 p.m. Stay tuned.

Edited to add: It appears that the Agassiz may be on the closure list. See comments below.