Wednesday, November 3, 2010

Trotter in safe mode / Charter schools / Redesign & Reinvest timeline

The Trotter school (K2-5) went into safe mode/lockdown yesterday after two adults were stabbed on an MBTA bus outside a few minutes before classes started.


The Globe had an interesting article this week about the state's charter school enrollment doubling over the past decade. I have to wonder if the economy plays a small roll in this, apart from people wanting a choice beyond public schools. Perhaps parents who would have chosen the private school route are priced out in this economy and are opting for charter schools instead. Just a thought.


BPS has pushed back the date for the school committee to vote on the Redesign and Reinvest plan, which proposes merging and closing some schools. The committee is now scheduled to vote on the measure on Dec. 8. They're still scheduled to vote on two proposed in-district charter schools today.

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Mike G. said...

On charters -

BPS has about 74% of kids who qualify for free or reduced lunch. With Boston charters, it's roughly 67%.

So I don't think many of charter families were otherwise likely to choose private schools, though certainly some would have otherwise chosen $3,000 per year Catholic elementary schools.

At our charter high school, we've never had a student who had previously attended a private school, though definitely some from parochial schools.