Wednesday, October 6, 2010

BPS proposes closing six schools, plus an ELC

At tonight's school committee meeting, BPS proposed closing the following underperforming schools at the end of this school year:
  • East Zone Early Learning Center in Dorchester;
  • Patrick F. Gavin Middle School in South Boston (would become UP Academy, see below);
  • Roger Clap Elementary in Dorchester;
  • Ralph Waldo Emerson Elementary in Roxbury;
  • Hyde Park Educational Complex, including the Community Academy of Science and Health; the Engineering School; and the Social Justice Academy.
Students in the affected schools would be moved to other schools next year.

They also proposed the following expansions or changes for next school year:
  • Start UP Academy, an in-district charter middle school in South Boston for grades 6 to 8;
  • Expand Montessori at East Boston Early Education Center;
  • Add K1 to Holland Elementary and Trotter Elementary, both in Dorchester;
  • Expand Umana Middle School Academy to a K‐8, renovate the school (reopen in 2012) and explore a two‐way Spanish bilingual program;
  • Merge Lee Academy with Lee Elementary and look at expanding to K-8;
  • Launch Boston Green Academy, an in‐district charter 6‐12 school open to all students through a lottery. It would aim to help struggling students develop skills in environmental science.
The BPS Redesign and Reinvest website has a few more details about each option, as does this Powerpoint presentation to the school committee. BPS estimates that the changes would save an estimated $8 million in FY2012. There will be public meetings to discuss the proposal Oct. 16, 19, and 26. The school committee is scheduled to vote on the measure Nov. 3.

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