Tuesday, September 21, 2010

Late buses early in the school year

I know families have been experiencing major bus delays since school started. (We're walkers, so we haven't been affected.) The bus drivers union leader told the Globe that hundreds of buses were arriving late. BPS says it's working to fix the problem. Boston switched to a computerized routing system this year, and apparently there are quite a few kinks in the system, like unanticipated construction on Blue Hill Ave. and the software not allowing time for kids to get settled once they board. The Transportation Department is looking at GPS data to analyze the routes. They rerouted some trouble spots this weekend and say that families should feel relief soon.

BPS says to call the back-to-school hotline if you still have delays -- (617) 635-9046. One family has also set up a wiki where people can add information about delays.

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Jennifer W said...

It is just getting worse. My daughter's evening bus was consistently 45 minutes late until it was two hours late yesterday (I just went and picked her up and she won't be riding the night bus). The morning bus was more or less fine until this week when suddenly it is 45 minutes late and the kids won't be at school on time. Again, I just drove her in and until they fix it, I'll probably just keep driving it. I think there is some foot (or wheel) dragging going on at the expense of the kids. The traffic has been very light the last two days. Hmmm.