Wednesday, September 15, 2010

First day of kindergarten

My kinder survived his first day of school. It was definitely a relief to find him where he was expected to be after school. The bus had indeed deposited him at the correct location, and he didn't appear to have any short-term psychological damage from the experience.

One of his first reactions to his school day was “How come we don’t get to play on the playground much?” So I had to sit him down and have the talk. “Son, you’re a man now. The carefree days of hours of outdoor play are over. During school, you may only get 20 minutes a day. That’s it.” He bowed his head, stuck out the edge of his lower lip, and seemed to realize that this was the end of an era.

Coincidentally, the New York Times happens to have an article today about how physical activity might make kids smarter in terms of executive control and memory. I’m just sayin’…

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