Wednesday, July 14, 2010

T-shirt postcards?

Has anyone received the postcard in the mail that can be exchanged for a kingergarten T-shirt at the library? The T-shirt allows incoming kindergarteners to be admitted to free events this summer.

Postcards were initially scheduled to be sent to families of incoming kindergarteners in May, but I recall they were having problems with the T-shirt vendor. The Roslindale library tells me they now have the T-shirts, but I don't recall receiving the postcard. It's entirely possible that it got shuffled into the recycling along with the junk mail.

Edited to add: We got our postcard in the mail Thursday, and it somehow escaped our recycling bin. Thanks to Countdown to Kindergarten for being such a great resource.

2nd addition: We got a second postcard on Friday. I think we're good. No more postcards, please. (I hope I only registered one child. I'm pretty sure I only have the one.)


Anonymous said...

You should be able to bring your confirmation of registration that you received in the mail in March. The library will honor that (at least they did 2 years ago when my son was starting K1).

Geeky Mama said...

Good to know. Thanks! Now I just have to track down that sheet of paper...