Friday, July 30, 2010

Little things that take too long

We've kept ourselves occupied this summer with little getting-ready-for-school tasks, like picking up our Countdown to Kindergarten T-shirt and packet from the library. We actually got two T-shirt postcards in the mail. I know some people never got theirs. Someone commented on an earlier post that you can just bring your registration information to the library and that should work as well as the postcard.

A couple weeks ago, we went to the West Zone Family Resource Center to take ourselves off the waitlist for the Lyndon, among other things. I don't think it will help anyone, since we were probably still in the 30s. Anyway, the place was packed. I expected to be in and out in five minutes. Instead, it was a half-hour project with kid in tow. I couldn't figure it out. Could people really be registering their kids for kindergarten or other grades this late? Maybe some of them recently moved to Boston. Later, I discovered that it was the only FRC open for the summer. Still...

Meanwhile, I think we've found our after-school solution. The Mozart doesn't have an on-site after-school program, so our child will probably be bused to the Roslindale Community Center, which has a program for 4-year-olds. We won't know for sure if he got in until late August. It's a state-licensed program, so the application is massive and massively redundant. I also had to fill out an alternative transportation form in order to get the kidlet on the bus. (The online form says it's for "2007-2008," but the person from the transportation department told me just to cross the date out and write "2010-11." You can also get a copy at the FRC.) You'd think this would be another simple five-minute project. No. For various reasons, this took a few days. I finally mailed that form yesterday. I think bus assignments come out in late August, so hopefully this will not be an issue.

Finally, yesterday, we got a couple of booster shots that we'd skipped six months ago. Initially, the kid thought it was going to be "the worst day of [his] whole life." But he brightened up a little when I broke out a new pack of silly bands and a ruler when he was done.

Check, check, and check. Now, I think we'll try to kick back and enjoy the rest of summer.


Lee McGuire said...

Thanks for noticing that the form still says 2007. I can't promise I can make the form any less redundant, but I can at least get the year changed. Feel free to email me if you find anything else like that:

Lee McGuire
Chief Communications Officer
Boston Public Schools

Mandy said...

Hi, my daughter will attend the Mozart in the fall but I didn't realize we had to sign up for after school so early. Was there another Family event at the Mozart (we missed the first one) where this information was provided?

Geeky Mama said...

Hi Mandy,

We missed the first Mozart family event too. As far as I know, there weren't any other events. I just took it upon myself to seek out after-school care now so that I wouldn't have to worry about it later.

The Roslindale Community Center told me they have a lot of kindergarteners from the Mozart. I think some Mozart kids go to the Conley for after-school too.

The folks at the RCC won't be finalizing their kindergarten after-school program until late August, so you probably still have time to get your application in.

Mandy said...

Thanks so much. I emailed James Brewer about upcoming family events but have not heard back yet. I'll post here when I hear from him.

Would you be willing to talk off-line about the Mozart? I posted on JP moms looking for other K1 families, but did not receive any responses.