Friday, June 4, 2010

No money budgeted for Agassiz repairs; School closures & assignment process to be evaluated this summer

The Jamaica Plain Gazette recently reported that BPS does not have money budgeted for repairs to the Agassiz elementary school in the 2011-2016 capital plan. The gym leaks when it rains, among other concerns.

Meanwhile, BPS will begin to look at which schools to close this summer, with closures perhaps occurring in 2011. BPS officials say it's likely that six schools will close. The lack of funds allocated for repairs raises the question of whether Agassiz will be among the shuttered schools. BPS spokesman Matt Wilder told the Gazette that BPS will look at the following criteria for school closures: geographic location; use for outside programming; academic performance; enrollment; the building's age and health and additional services offered.

In addition to a school closure plan, BPS will be asking for community input this summer for redrawing assignment zones.


Anonymous said...

I really hope they close schools this fall! I'm tired of my son saying that he got hurt on the playground but the nurse wasn't there because she's only part time. Closing schools means that we can consolidate services!

Anonymous said...

Boston needs to start from scratch. Too many small schools- who has ever heard of a public school with one class per grade? They need to consolidate, tear down and rebuild the elementary schools so that there is room for 4-6 classes per grade. They would save on janitorial services, nurses, busing, maintenance, etc. Way too many teeny, tiny schools. I recognize this solution doesn't help those of us with kids going this fall, but at some point someone needs to stand up and state the obvious- constant band-aiding of the situation is NOT the solution. Foresight people, foresight!

Anonymous said...

Two really interesting comments. All schools need to have the right technology to get students ready for the jobs of tomorrow.

Sandy Avila, Director of Operations at Prepped & Polished