Thursday, June 17, 2010

Arts grants announced

Boston Public Schools are getting $800,000 in grants for arts programs for the next school year through the Arts Expansion Initiative, the Boston Globe reports.

The non-profit EdVestors coordinates the initiative's funds. Here is a full list of the grants. Among the West Zone schools to benefit:
  • The Hyde Square Task Force will teach Afro-Latin and contemporary dance in the Kennedy and Agassiz elementaries;
  • Those two schools will also get a program from Visual Understanding in Education;
  • The Community Music Center of Boston will offer choral, instrumental, and theater instruction in several schools, including the Hale elementary;
  • Irving middle school will get a visual arts program through the Eliot School of Fine Arts.


Anonymous said...

visual understanding has to do with visual learning and visual problem solving, especially tied to math and science. It's not a visual arts or arts history.

Geeky Mama said...

Thanks. Will amend above.