Tuesday, May 11, 2010

The wait lists are moving

I called the Family Resource Center today to check on our wait-list status, and it turns out we’re in at the Mozart. So congrats to those of you on the Curley’s wait list, you just moved up one. I’m glad I called because this was the first we’d heard of it. We already missed the Mozart’s welcome session. I guess I’ll touch base with the school and find out if there are any more activities planned. We’ve been hanging out at the Mozart playground lately so my son can practice riding his bike in an open space. Maybe we’ll try to gather some intel on any other events while we’re there.

With the Mozart, we'd definitely be able to walk to school in the morning. In the afternoon, he’d probably take a bus to an after-school program.

For our other wait-list numbers, we’re now #31 at the Lyndon and we moved up one at the Haley, so we’re #4. Part of me has a perverse pleasure in keeping our names on the Lyndon wait list. It’s definitely moving – we started at #42 – but there’s still no chance for us to get in. We’re ok with that.

I just realized this weekend that with this pinballing around to different schools as the wait lists move, we wouldn’t know which uniform to buy. (It’s these practical concerns that take up too much space in my brain.) Every school has their own standards when it comes to uniforms. Now, with the Curley gone from our list of potentials, that’s one set of uniforms we don’t have to purchase.

Have others already experienced the school switcheroo? I imagine those wait lists will move even more as we get closer to September.


RossieRed said...

Thanks for sharing as I guess that means we are in at Mozart too (we were #2). We live very close as well so the convenience is tremendous. I believe there will be other events - will let you know if I hear of anything. I did hear the groundbreaking ceremony for the new playground is next month. Will share details as I hear more. Congrats!

Anonymous said...

I urge you to take your name off any wait lists if you aren't planning on attending that school. (Your reference to the Lyndon.) For those of us who's child is unassigned and received VERY high wait list numbers it is discouraging to see people hanging out on wait lists just for the heck of it.
Some people are considering moving, enrolling in private schools and such - it isn't a game if your child is unassigned and you are struggling with what the future may hold for you and your family financially and otherwise.

laura said...

The uniform issue is a bit of a mess at the Haley. My daughter got into K2 and we went to the open house. Apparently the school is having a debate over the optional uniform policy. The school governing board (I honestly don't know the official term) will be voting on the matter. The options are: no uniform, optional uniform, mandatory uniform. As an outsider it sounds like it's a pretty decisive issue. Ross Wilson the principal is pushing for mandatory uniforms, which my family would prefer, but there are a lot of families who disagree for various reasons. Incoming families won't know the policy until they get classroom assignments which we were told would come sometime in August.

Jason said...

Can you share what your number was at the Haley prior to moving up to #4? I'm interested to know how much movement there was. Thanks.

Geeky Mama said...

Thanks for the uniform info, Laura.

Maybe we'll see your around the Mozart, RossieRed.

Jason, our original Haley waitlist number was 5, so we only moved up one spot so far.

And Anonymous, if the Lyndon waitlist actually moved enough so that we were offered a spot before the school year started, we would take it. But it won't.

Anonymous said...

After reading your blog I called the FRC and we are now in at the Curley, we were #4 at the Haley and #4 at BTU so people should be moving up. Thanks for prompting me to call.