Thursday, April 8, 2010

West Zone ELC may lose its prinicipal

Boston Public Schools plans to transfer leadership of the West Zone Early Learning Center to the Hennigan school and cut the ELC's principal position, according to a letter sent to families on the West Zone Parents Group listserv. Currently, the ELC exists within the walls of the Hennigan, but it is run by a separate principal.

With the author's permission, I'm reposting her letter here.

Dear West Zone Families-

Below is a copy of a letter that the West Zone Early Learning Center Parent Council composed to inform ELC families and community members of the shocking decision of Superintendent Carol Johnson to roll the ELC in under the purview of the Hennigan School and terminate the Early Learning Center Principal position. This decision undermines the very reason why the ELC exists. We currently have a wonderful interim Principal, Kathleen Sullivan, who in her short time with us has made incredible and innovative ideas flourish, while continuing to uphold the stellar standards of her predecessor, Eunice Fernandes. The Early Learning Center is a unique gem and offers amazing resources, including a teaching and support staff that is unparalleled. Losing our Principal for the annual financial savings of approximately $12,000.00/year is asinine and a paltry sum with regards to the BPS budget. As the real ramifications of this decision such as staff attrition, reduced enrollment, loss of extended care programs, loss of grants, loss of services for children with IEP's, possible loss of NAEYC accreditation, come to light, it makes one wonder what is motivating this decision. Please join us in expressing your displeasure with Dr. Johnson's decision by calling her office at 617-635-9050. The ELC is a very special place and it breaks my heart to think that the children who need the services provided by this school might not receive them.

Thank you,
Sara Mallach mother of a 1st grade ELC student.

We recently heard the devastating news that BPS Superintendent, Dr. Carol Johnson has decided to terminate the Principal position at the West Zone ELC. This would mean that Kathleen Sullivan, our wonderful interim Principal, would not stay on as a permanent replacement for Eunice Fernandes. This decision will also have very distressing ramifications for the WZELC in the future. Please join us in expressing your outrage at this terrible decision. There will be an Open Forum meeting for WZELC families and community members at the school on Tuesday, April 13th at 5:15 p.m. Please join us! You may also telephone Dr. Carol Johnson’s office at 617-635-9050 and express your displeasure over this shocking turn of events.

Thank you, The WZELC Parent Council.


Sara said...

The date for the open forum is incorrect and should be listed as Tuesday, April 13th at 5:15 p.m. (not the 14th) at the West Zone ELC.

Anonymous said...

Asinine. What a classy, intelligent Mum you are! You are the antonym to the word "asinine." T Y.