Saturday, April 17, 2010

More on Tobin and changing the school assignment process

Adrian Walker has a decent column in the Globe today about why school assignment in Boston is such a "third-rail" topic in city politics. City councilor John Tobin's child did not get into a K1 school this year, and Tobin has been pushing for change in the assignment process. This follows a Globe article on the same issue. I'm eager to see what he and BPS propose because there's no easy solution here.

A group of parents has also gotten together to advocate for change in the lottery system.

Walker gives some good background about the school assignment system, for those who are new to it. BPS tried to change to a five-zone system from a three-zone one last year, but that plan was withdrawn because of community opposition. Underperforming schools tend to be clustered in neighborhoods with a higher percentage of minorities.

I know that some families really like all the choice they have with our current system. I found it a little overwhelming. I like some choice, but 20-some schools is too much choice for me.


Ben said...

I am a year behind you in this process and have found this blog to a source of some psychological/emotional ballast, if nothing else. A couple months I put together a spreadsheet of the public, city-wide, pilot and charter schools that my daughter would be eligible for in the West Zone. It's got 33 schools on it.

Jessica Dello Russo said...

Hi all -
Recently, I asked for your feedback with who got in or waitlisted at what schools for next fall. The coalition for Public Education will meet with the Mayor and Superintendent tomorrow - I'm looking for any info that you haven't yet sent me.
So if you didn't respond, please do this time...
Also - i wonder if a few of you could respond with lists of kids that live in the N End who are Pre-K next fall (2010) and the following fall (2011) - just so I can have an idea roughly how many there are in those age groups.
Thanks again for all your responses before, and for any tomorrow (Tues, 4/27),
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