Saturday, March 20, 2010

Staying on the wait lists

We got our letter from BPS in the mail yesterday. It appears we're in the Curley's integrated classroom. That's fine. It makes no difference to us in our decision.

We've decided not to take our names off any wait lists. My husband really likes one school on the wait list and I like the other just a little bit more. It was turning into a staring match that only the cat could win, and the cat has no opinion on schools. So rather than turn it into a big deal, we're just going to let BPS and the wait list system decide our fate. We'll be happy with whatever we wind up with: Curley, Haley, or Mozart. We're in the 40s on the Lyndon's wait list, so that's not even a consideration.


Anonymous said...

Thanks for this blog! I love it. I am in the East Zone. Did not get a K1 assignment for my daughter. My waitlist assignments are 36, 16 and 12. Has anyone heard what might be considred a good number for a waitlist?
I feel like I am in a "better luck next year" situation.

Anonymous said...

I am wondering about the wait lists as well- I am in the mid teens for both Kilmer and Lyndon and don't know what to think of them!

氣氛 said...
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微笑每一天 said...
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Anonymous said...

I hope you get off the waitlist into one of those other schools, I'd love your spot at the curley. I'm #8 at the curley integrated :)