Thursday, March 4, 2010

School committee holds off on approving Roslindale's K-8 plan

The Boston School Committee delayed voting on whether Roslindale's six elementary schools should feed into the Irving Middle School, the Boston Globe reports. Some civil rights activists said it would create an unfair system in Roslindale because no other neighborhood has such an arrangement. However, Roslindale is the only neighborhood in the city without a K-8 school. The Beethoven/Ohrenberger, the Lyndon, and the Curley are the closest ones.

Here is what the superintendent told the school committee, according to the Globe:

"Superintendent Carol R. Johnson stressed last night that turning the six elementary schools into a feeder system for the Irving would benefit more than just Roslindale, pointing out that slightly more than half the students who attend those elementary schools reside outside Roslindale.
Many students, she said, come from Roxbury, a neighborhood with too many underperforming schools. Johnson also said the arrangement could help the city compete more aggressively with the state’s independently run charter schools, including the Renaissance, which is moving next fall from downtown Boston to a location near Roslindale."
The committee is expected to look at the issue again next week.

I know that for parents looking at elementary schools in the Roslindale area, the fact that they all end at fifth grade is a big concern.


massappeal said...

Thanks for the reporting. Whether the school committee approves this or not, parents of Roslindale elementary schools can achieve a similar outcome by making the Irving their first choice in the lottery for 6th grade. If enough parents do it, then there will be a critical mass of families at the Irving with the investment and resources to improve the school.

massappeal said...
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musicmomma said...

any chance you would be interested in coming out wednesday night to support us? i'm a member of the IAG and have been reading your blog for a few weeks. we'd love it if you join us at the school committee meeting 3/10.

Geeky Mama said...

Thanks for the invite, musicmomma. Unfortunately, I already have plans that night. Good luck to you all. I wish I could be there.

Emily Mathews said...