Wednesday, March 10, 2010

Conservatory Lab Charter School lottery

I drove up to Brighton to check out the Conservatory Lab Charter School's lottery, just for kicks and to see how it worked.

At 10:00, a woman from WGBH drew blue tickets out of a floral bag in their library. They had 18 non-sibling spots open at K1 and 130-some applicants. About a dozen parents attended, and of those, only one had her child's name pulled out. The rest of us are on the waitlist.

I did get my hopes up when they pulled the ticket of a child who had the same last name as my son. I kept thinking, "Maybe it's a mistake. Maybe I have seriously sloppy handwriting and they misread our application." But no, my handwriting was fine. They pulled my son's name out 10 minutes later. Our family is somewhere in the 70s. Oh well.

I think I can safely say that my child won't be attending Conservatory Lab next year. Congratulations to everyone who made it!


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Geeky Mama said...

This spam is so hilariously irrelevant, I'm leaving it up.

Is it really the worst social evil? I could probably think of a few others that could top it.