Saturday, March 6, 2010

City Year for Kids & winter vacation program at Haley and Ohrenberger

The Transcript has a little article on a winter vacation program for children at four BPS schools, including the West Zone's Haley and Ohrenberger. At City Year for Kids, students could participate in science lab, arts and crafts, teambuilding, active games, and performing arts classes. Children made origami, barley-filled maracas, Play-Doh, and homemade deodorant (good to know we could whip up a batch if we were suddenly in a pinch).

The vacation schedule for next year has been in the back of my mind, so it's reassuring to see that there are options out there.


Anonymous said...

One of the great things about raising children in Boston is there are lots of great little progams and opportunities like these.

For the last five years, our neighbor's children have participated in Spontaneous Celebrations' Christmas vacation "camp": 4 hours a day making costumes and preparing for the First Night parade, capped off by marching in the parade.

Progams like City Year and Citizen Schools are fabulous (our children benefited from both); they're available in many Boston public schools---not available in most private or suburban schools.

Kathy said...

Just keep in mind that City Year for Kids (at least this year) only accepts kids in grades 1-5.