Friday, March 19, 2010

Boston gets anti-obesity grant; Will recess be expanded?

Boston has received a $6.4 million grant to help prevent obesity in the city, according to the Boston Public Health Commission. Part of that will be used to "enhance the integration of high-quality and frequent physical activity and education into the school day."  Does this finally mean that elementary recess will be longer than 20 minutes a day?

The grant will also help create more space for community and backyard gardening. Better yet, they should give some of the money to schools to help start or maintain schoolyard gardens.

Along these same lines, I'm eager to see Jamie Oliver's Food Revolution, which will premiere on ABC next Friday. He goes into one of the unhealthiest cities in America, transforms the school lunches, and teaches the citizens how to cook at home.


Anonymous said...

It would be wonderful to see Boston get creative and come up with some viable solutions for the schools that don't even have a gym. When I was touring schools I found that to be pathetic and unacceptable. I've seen some of the private/ parochial schools in the area and know they've been able to do some amazing transformations of classrooms into "gyms" so to speak. Atleast it is something.

Maybe we need an mcas in phys ed!

Geeky Mama said...

I completely agree, Anonymous. I know they're spending a lot to transform playgrounds. But from December to February (and a good chunk of March), the kids can't get much use out of the playgrounds. They really need an indoor space.