Thursday, February 25, 2010

Our charter school applications are in

Sorry for the gap in posts. We were on vacation last week and I feel like I've been on an extended mental vacation since then. 

I realized this week that charter school applications are due and that I still hadn't completed our paperwork for Conservatory Lab.  (That app is due Friday, by the way.) We drove up to Brighton this morning to hand deliver it because I didn't think the post office could get it there it in time. Nothing like waiting until the last minute. The woman at the front desk had us pegged right away as a prospective family. We apparently had "the look." (Confusion? Desperation? Sogginess?)

Now, we wait.

I still haven't formally toured any charter schools. Since there's no harm in applying, we applied to all three that offer K1 -- Conservatory Lab, Renaissance, and Neighborhood House. If we happen to get into one of them, we'll have a closer look.  My biggest reservation is that none of these is particularly close to Roslindale.

However, Boston Renaissance is moving from Stuart Street to a new Hyde Park location next fall. I was hoping to get more information on this school and their move at the charter school showcase earlier this month, but they didn't have any representatives there (the flier had said otherwise). That would have been helpful to know before I made the trek down to U-Mass Boston on a Saturday. Demerit.

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