Saturday, February 27, 2010

No citywide status for Young Achievers & Mission Hill after all

Thanks to an alert reader for pointing this out. It appears that Young Achievers and Mission Hill won't be reverting back to citywide schools as planned because of budget pressures.  The proposal to go from zoned schools to citywide was supposed to be presented to the Boston School Committee this past Wednesday.

This is from the BPS registration website:

"* February 25, 2010: The proposal to restore citywide status to Young Achievers and Mission Hill K-8 Schools was not presented to the School Committee as has been previously planned. In light of the extreme financial challenges the district is facing, the Superintendent felt it would be premature to create additional city-wide options without knowing the full range of decisions that will need to be made that could impact student assignment. The schools will retain their current zone status."

Is this a busing issue again?  That was the rationale for initially changing these two citywide schools to zoned schools last year -- they would supposedly save money by not busing students from all over the city.

I guess I can scratch Young Achievers off my list. :-(  I really wished they hadn't teased me like that.

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