Friday, February 5, 2010

BPS schools raising money for Haiti

Second-grade students at the Sumner have made a video to try to raise money for Partners in Health to help with earthquake relief efforts in Haiti. One of the student's parents is a doctor working with the organization in Haiti. They hope to raise $1000. So far, they're at $281. To donate, go to the Partners in Health website.
Other West Zone schools have also participated in fund-raising for Haiti.
  • The Beethoven raised $2,045 with a "Hats for Haiti" Day. Students who contributed to the Haiti relief fund could wear their favorite crazy hat.
  • The Ohrenberger had a "No Uniform Day" and raised $2,300. Students who made a contribution did not have to wear their school uniform for a day. 
  • The Kennedy school had a pajama day, in which students who gave $1 or more got to ditch their school uniforms for a day and wear pajamas. Sounds like blogging. They raised $610.
  • The Lyndon school held a penny drive.
Good job, kids.


Parent Imperfect said...

Thanks for pointing out these efforts. The Parent Council at the Hernández held a bake sale at last week's Science Fair.

La Feria

Anonymous said...

Just wanted to add what a wonderful fundraising job the children at the Philbrick Elementary School in Roslindale did in January. The small school of 130 children raised $750, and our Parent Council matched that, sending $1500 to the Mayor's fund for Haiti!