Thursday, January 14, 2010

Young Achievers, Mission Hill now citywide, Manning offering K1 next year. Back to the FRC I go.

When I registered on Monday, Young Achievers and Manning were not on my list of school options. Young Achievers moved to Mattapan last year and went from a citywide school to a zoned school.  Manning, as far as I knew, began at K2.  Surprise surprise when I went into the "Where Are My Schools?" application today to find these two schools suddenly on my list of K1 options.

I called the Family Resource Center and they confirmed that Young Achievers had been granted citywide status again for the 2010-11 school year.  Woot!  Mission Hill has also returned to a citywide school, but it doesn't start until K2.

In other fabulous K1 news, the Manning is adding an integrated K1 classroom for the fall. I called the school and they confirmed this. This means eight extra regular ed slots.  Double woot!

For those of us suckers who already registered, we can return to the FRC with an ID and they'll take our additions.

I love how they publicize these sudden changes they make in the middle of the registration period.


John in JP said...

There's a Young Achievers open house this Friday morning (10am I believe--call to confirm) and another one on the 21st at 6pm.

marc said...

I'm not sure if you looked the Nathan Hale in Rox., but we are there and really like it.

Geeky Mama said...

Thanks, Marc. I'm glad to hear you guys are happy there.

I actually meant to visit the Hale but never actually made it to a tour. I heard good things about the school from another parent at a West Zone Parents Group meeting.