Friday, January 22, 2010

We're in the Globe

The Boston Globe has a feature on my little blog project. To the new visitors, welcome. I'm very flattered by the attention. I'm also very glad my hair didn't look terrible in the picture and that I didn't sound like a total buffoon. At least, I don't think I did. Others will probably disagree.

It's sort of like a job interview in that you think of all the things you should have said well after the fact. For instance, I should have said that it's important for our family to feel connected to our community -- that's one of the big reasons we're choosing public schools. Oh well.

There was just one misunderstanding in the article. I did write about the recent Curley stabbing, and I kept that post up. The post I took down referred to an incident involving some students from the Irving middle school and it happened well off school property.  It may have even been on a day when school was out. That's why I took it down.

So now that my cover is blown, if you see me in the street, please say hi. 



Anonymous said...

I wish you the best of LUCK. You are me 17 years ago. We bought our house in Hyde Park 1984,great neighborhood and good neighborhood school. I truly felt if I was involved with the school, things would be fine. In the early 90's they redistricted the zones just before we had to make our school choices. West Street was the dividing line. Because of the redistricting my two kids could not attend the neighborhood walk to school (H.Grew). We opted for the Ohrenberger School. We lasted 1/2 year. In Nov my 4y/o K1 was stabbed with a pencil because he got a sticker for doing something well and another 4y/o wanted it. The school called me and wanted him to go by ambulance but I opted to go to our pedi. He returned to school after his stitches were removed. When he returned at the end on NOv, my son would not 'play' with the other child. The school adjustment counselor was called in (w/o my knowledge)and thought my son would not play with the other boy because of the boys race. The counselor wanted me and my son to meet with the other boy and his mother. They were arraigning for for parenting classes for the other boys mother and thought it would be NICE if I befriended the boys mother. I explained it was not a race issue it was a violent act against my child and the aggressor did not get any discipline action. My son received 4 stitches and he wanted nothing to do with the other child. He did not like the boy because of the violence.
I refused to go to the adjustment counselor and fought to have the boy removed from the class. This turned into a HUGE problem. They wanted my son to be a role model for this boy and would not remove the boy from my sons class.
Long story short. My K1 and K2 children never returned to school after the Dec break.
The nest Sept they were enrolled in St Anne's (Readville). That had it own set of nightmares but they were at least physically safe.
In 1992 after hours of debates we opted to sell and move. We gave our house away in 1994. It was sad to leave the house and neighbor hood we all loved but my kids safety and education was my #1 priority.
Fast forward I still miss the city, my daughter graduated from Mass College of Pharm last year, my son is graduating college this year and our house will be paid off in June.
We hope to move back to the city in a few years. The city is great but the schools are dangerous. Being a middle class white family we had no options but to leave.
Best of LUCK

Anonymous said...

Found your blog after reading about you on How I wish you had been around when we started this journey 4 years ago ... but in a different zone.

Just wondering if you would ever consider expanding your reviews to include schools outside your zone.

We feel very fortunate we got our top pick (Mason Pilot School in Roxbury) even though it is in the North Zone and we technically live in the East Zone - but within a mile of the "border" so we were eligible for the Mason.

We now have a 2nd grader and a 4 year old in K1 there and truly feel like we did indeed win the lottery.

What a stressful time for all parents currently going through the process right now.

Best of luck to you and keep up the good work. I'm sure it will benefit many.

Geeky Mama said...

I don't think I will post much about schools in other zones. I'm no education expert. I just know what my son would like. So I feel it would be weird to be looking at schools my son couldn't attend. In addition, I work a full-time job in addition to my mom duties. As you know, there are only so many hours in the day...

Thanks for the encouragement!

Kris said...

I love what you are doing!! You're helping your family and the community. I am preggers with #2 and freaking out at the prospects of schooling options. Thank you for your time and perspective.

Luke Hill said...

A belated thanks, Geeky Mama, for the blogging, and best of luck to you.

Our family has 13 years experience with the Boston Public School system, and we've gone through nine (I think) lotteries. We've had lotteries that we "won"; we've had lotteries that we "lost".

In the end, the lotteries have been, hands down, the worst, most nerve-wracking part of the school system we've dealt with. The schools and classrooms have generally ranged from good to excellent.

In fact, I would argue (and I have) that our children have gotten better educations in the Boston Public Schools than many of their peers in wealthy suburban school districts, and at high-profile private schools in Greater Boston.

Anyway, everyone's experience is different and in the end, all parents try to do our job---which is to do what is best for our children, whatever path that leads us on.

Dave Atkins said...

Your blog has been very helpful for my wife and I as we prepare to move to Roslindale next month. Our first grader will most likely be going to Sumner (based on our recent visit to the West Zone Family Resource Center and their information on what schools have spaces) and we have two more coming along.