Sunday, January 3, 2010

Kindergarten registration begins tomorrow

I won’t be standing in line tomorrow at the West Zone Family Resource Center (515 Hyde Park Ave., Roslindale) to register my son for K1, but other people will. The first round of registration for Kindergarten begins tomorrow and continues through February 5. I’d like to talk to some other parents this week to get a sense of what they’re thinking. Then I’ll take the plunge.  There's a West Zone Parents Group meeting at 7 p.m. Thursday at Curtis Hall in JP for anyone who'd like to discuss school choices.

Over winter break, I gathered the necessary registration documents. BPS has a list of what you’ll need to bring.  My son isn’t yet 4, so I'll provide the vaccination records later. I was told you could do that -- we’ll see if that's actually the case.

My husband and I weren’t exactly clear on one of the items required for proof of residency. For those who’ve been through this process before -- does “a record of the most recent mortgage payment” just mean the monthly statement from the mortgage company or do they want actual proof that you paid? I’m not saying we didn’t pay. I’m just wondering what I should bring. [Edited to add: I found the answer to my question. This is from a BPS website on residency FAQ: "What can I use for proof of recent rent or mortgage payment? You may present a copy of a money order, cancelled check, or rent receipt. You also may present a copy of a bank statement that shows an automatic deduction for rent or mortgage payment."]

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Anonymous said...

Great blog; you're doing Boston parents a public service. On immunization, you may want to have a print-out of the policy on-hand; there can be some confusion with the registration staff regarding the requirements. Also, remember to pre-register as this will save you time in line.