Wednesday, January 27, 2010

Boston School Committee still has to approve Mission Hill, Young Achievers changes

I haven't been to the BPS registration website in a few days, but I see that they've finally updated it to include information on the changes to Young Achievers, Mission Hill, and the Manning. Changing Mission Hill and Young Achievers back to citywide schools is not a done deal -- the Boston School Committee has not yet approved it. The changes are scheduled to be presented to the school committee on Feb. 3 and a vote is slated for the Feb. 24 meeting. So I guess there's still a chance that they could stay zoned schools next year.


Anonymous said...

Very confusing situation; so they may still not wind up city-wide after all?

Anonymous said...

The latest from the BPS Web site: February 25, 2010: The proposal to restore citywide status to Young Achievers and Mission Hill K-8 Schools was not presented to the School Committee as has been previously planned. In light of the extreme financial challenges the district is facing, the Superintendent felt it would be premature to create additional city-wide options without knowing the full range of decisions that will need to be made that could impact student assignment. The schools will retain their current zone status.

Geeky Mama said...

Thanks for the tip, Anonymous #2. I'll post on this shortly. I'm always a little slow with stuff that happens at school committee meetings.