Saturday, January 9, 2010

Available K1 seats per child in West Zone

Someone asked this at last Thursday’s West Zone Parents Group meeting: what are the odds of getting a K1 spot? In other words, how many K1 spots are available per applicant? Just for fun, I tried to figure this out, using the Kindergarten Demand Report. This does not take into account sibling or walk zone preference. The citywide school, Hernandez, also skews the results a bit because for that school you have applicants from all three zones.

According to the chart, there were 450 K1 slots available in the West Zone, including the Hernandez. There were 590 people seeking K1 seats. I got this number by adding up the number of students listing each school as their first choice. By these numbers, there were 0.76 slots for every child that applied last year.

If you don’t include the Hernandez, there are 427 K1 spots and 532 applicants. That means 0.8 K1 seats for every child who applies.

The message to BPS – please add more K1 seats, soon.

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Anonymous said...

Thanks; this is helpful. A little discouraging, of course. But helpful.