Wednesday, December 2, 2009

Kindergarten Demand Report

Now here’s a fascinating document. BPS has posted an Excel file called Kindergarten Demand Report, 2009-10. It lists the number of available seats at every K0, K1, and K2 school in the city (West Zone schools are at the bottom). Then they list the number of families ranking the school as their first, second, or third choices. They have cool statistics (never thought I’d say those two words together) on the number of first-choice and first-to-third-choice applicants per available seat.

It just gives you a glimpse into the popularity of schools and perhaps the likelihood of getting in, not factoring in walk-zone and sibling preferences.

If you click over to the K2 tab on the bottom, you can see what kind of turnover there is between K1 and K2.

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