Wednesday, November 18, 2009

Superintendent to reveal plan to turn around underperforming schools tonight

The Globe has a preview of tonight’s School Committee meeting in which the superintendent will unveil a plan to improve ailing schools. Some may be overhauled, others closed. The dozen or so schools targeted will be announced tonight. Roughly two-thirds lie in Roxbury and Dorchester. According to the article:
The range of options under consideration in [Superintendent Carol] Johnson’s plan include major shakeups in a school’s administrative team and teaching staff, extending the school day, or closing a failing school and reopening a new school in its building, a measure that the district imposed on at least two schools earlier this year. That is a way the district can expand successful programs and make wholesale changes to teaching staffs.

It could also involve conversion to charter-like schools, which would be overseen by the district and have reduced union rules. Johnson said she might even recommend shutting down a school and vacating the building to reduce the operating budget. The district has 6,000 to 7,000 empty classroom seats because of a notable decline in enrollment over the past decade.
The School Committee is expected to vote on the matter in December and have some of the changes in place by next school year.

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