Monday, October 26, 2009

WBUR: Pilot schools stalled in Boston despite high demand

WBUR had an interesting story this morning on pilot schools in Boston. A pilot school is one that gets to operate with more latitude in its curriculum and budget, but it's still part of BPS, unlike a charter school.

The piece said that demand for pilot schools is high, citing data from the Center for Collaborative Education, which found that 27% of parents' first-choice schools were for pilot seats. At the time of the survey, pilots accounted for 11% of BPS seats. Parents who didn't get placed at a pilot school were two to three times more likely to leave the district. "So clearly there’s a growing demand across both race and income for a different kind of school," Dan French, the center's executive director, told WBUR.

The city was supposed to have 29 pilot schools by this year, but there are only 23, according to the article. The West Zone pilot schools include the Lyndon, the Haley (newly turned pilot), and the BTU.

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