Tuesday, September 8, 2009

Structured activities during recess better than "just a pole"

It must be back-to-school time (and election season). The Boston news outlets seem to have more stories than usual on public schools.

The latest Globe story is about taking advantage of what little time kids have left for recess. Some area schools hire a coach through Playworks, formerly Sports4Kids, who organizes recess activities, rather than just letting kids spending their freetime chatting. They usually have four or five activities students can choose from.

The story revolves around the Conservatory Lab Charter School in Brighton, but many schools in the West Zone have also adopted this program, including the Hale, Mozart, Hennigan, Manning, Haley, and Ohrenberger schools.

My favorite part of the video accompanying this story was the assistant principal saying that before Playworks came to their school, there used to be a pole on the blacktop, "just a pole, and the kids would run around the pole all day long at recess."  I had to laugh because my son would definitely be among those running around the pole nonstop.  But I can see how structured activities are probably better than "just a pole."

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