Friday, September 4, 2009

Radio Boston talks charter schools

Radio Boston had a fantastic show today on the debate over charter schools. If you’re considering charter schools or are just confused about the whole thing (like why is there all this talk about lifting the charter school cap?), this show clears it up.  There are apparently 9000 students attending charter schools in Boston.

They interviewed Mayor Tom Menino about how he’s now supporting in-district charter schools, a change from his earlier stance. They also had BPS Superintendant Carol Johnson on, along with several others. Boston Teachers Union president Richard Stutman declined to come on the show, but the unions’ position was represented by the Massachusetts Teachers Association. BTU does not end up looking good on this show.

There was a lot in there about pilot vs. charter schools. If you’re considering sending your child to a traditional public school, a pilot school, or a charter school in Boston, I’d really recommend giving it a listen.

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