Friday, September 4, 2009

Globe looks into McCrea's claim of school preference for offspring of politicians

The Boston Globe has a short story on mayoral candidate Kevin McCrea's claim that the children/grandchildren of the other three candidates all got into their first-choice public school. In short, the Globe says, the facts don't check out.

Sam Yoon's two children did get into their first-choice school, Lee Academy, but that was before he was officially a candidate for city councilor.

Michael Flaherty's 11-year-old got into his first-choice school, the Richard J. Murphy School. But the 8-year-old twins didn't at first. They eventually transferred to the same school as the 11-year-old due to the sibling preference rule.

And Mayor Tom Menino's grandchildren did not all get their first-choice schools.

That clears that up.

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