Friday, September 4, 2009

Diving into Twitter

I'm experimenting with Twitter as a way to alert people of new posts here. Or maybe just to point people to news articles on Boston education that don't merit a full blog post. I haven't quite figured how I'm going to use it yet.

In any case, if you care to follow me, you can search for my username, "BravingBPS".  The full name of the blog wouldn't fit in the tiny space. That's Twitter for you -- all about the tiny space.

I don't plan on posting much in the coming days, but I hope to pick it up again next week.


mathteacher said...

Hey Geeky Mama,

I'm enjoying following your posts. I, too, live in Roslindale, and while I don't have school age kids yet, my first is on the way.

In any case, I teach at a local charter school and write a blog on local charter schools at Hope it's helpful in your quest, and would love your input.

Geeky Mama said...

Hi mathteacher,

Congratulations! And thanks for the link. It looks like a great resource. I'll add it to my blogroll... once I get around to adding a blogroll. :)