Wednesday, April 15, 2009

BPS getting public input for assignment zone changes for 2010

BPS had been looking at changing the current three-zone student assignment system into a five-zone plan for 2009. That got tabled. Now they're looking to gather public input on a revised assignment plan for 2010.

These changes will definitely affect my family as we go through the registration process for K1 next winter. I don't have a problem being put into a new zone. I like a lot of the schools that are in our neighborhood. I just really wonder how they're going to handle existing students that will suddenly be in a new zone. Will they have to switch schools right away? I hope parents will get more answers this time around.

The first presentation of the revised five-zone proposal is Wednesday, April 29 at the School Committee meeting (26 Court St., 6 p.m.). Then on May 26, Irving Middle School in Roslindale will host a community meeting. (Check the BPS website for meetings in other neighborhoods.) The school committee plans to vote on the zone proposal on June 24.