Friday, February 6, 2009

Three assignment zones going up to five?

First of all, sorry for the dearth of posts in the last month. I know I told some folks I would post about Hernandez, and I also visited the West Zone ELC in December. I just never got around to posting my notes. Various cold cycles, increased work, and life in general kind of got in the way. Apologies. The abbreviated version is they're both very fine schools. I'm probably more excited about the Hernandez because the idea of giving my son a bilingual education thrills me. At one point, I had a working knowledge of German and Russian, but I was far from fluent. A current Hernandez parent pointed out at a WZPG meeting that she took it upon herself to learn Spanish so she could help with homework and participate in the school community.

Now to my real motivation for blogging today: the proposed FY2010 budget. Good lord. In addition to nearly 400 teachers potentially losing their jobs, parents also have to wrap their heads around a potential redistricting of assignment zones. BPS says this will save money on bussing students. BPS has posted the redistricted model.

From what I can tell, our zone (Zone 5) would separate West Roxbury and Roslindale from JP. So Zone 5 would lose the Manning, Agassiz, Curley, Mendell, Ellis, Trotter, Higginson Lewis, Hale, Hennigan, West Zone ELC, Haynes EEC, and Kennedy to Zone 3.

My zone would gain the relocated Young Achievers (yay!), which will be moving this fall, and a lot of schools in Mattapan and Hyde Park that I'm not familiar with: Channing, Grew, Rogers Middle School, Greenwood, Hemenway/Roosevelt, Chittick, Mattahunt, Mildred Ave, Ellison/Parks Early Education School.

So much for my brilliant idea to get a headstart on school tours for 2010. It looks like I may have a new batch to check out. I don't know when these possible changes would take effect -- I had assumed it would be for 2010, since it would be a logistical nightmare to implement these this year. But now I realize that it's lumped in with the FY2010 budget, so maybe it is indeed for this fall. Nothing's been laid out for us yet.

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jenmcw said...

Not so sure about that. The proposed shift to 5 zones may be part of next year's (FY2010) proposed budget. But I agree -- Don't see how they could make the shift without disrupting current enrollment. School committee scheduled to vote on final budget on March 25, long after 1st round of school registration is done. It just isn't clear.......