Friday, November 14, 2008

Johnson on Basic Black

BPS Superintendent Carol Johnson was on WGBH's Basic Black last night. I missed it, and even if I'd known about it, it's unlikely that I would have been able to wrestle the remote away from my husband, who was watching Patriots' pre-game coverage. She was scheduled to talk about the budget and the challenges facing the school system. I don't know if it's worth watching, but if anyone's curious, here's the rerun schedule:

Sat Nov 15 11pm, 2/HD
Sun Nov 16 8am, World
Sun Nov 16 12:30pm, 2/HD
Mon Nov 17 12am, World
Mon Nov 17 6:30am, World
Mon Nov 17 12:30pm, World
Wed Nov 19 6:30am, World
Thu Nov 20 12:30pm, World

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