Thursday, November 13, 2008

Community forum for K-8 options, Roslindale Community Center, Saturday

I have a lot to post today, so the most pressing news comes first. Superintendent Carol Johnson will meet with interested parents at Roslindale Community Center from 10:30 a.m. to 12 p.m. on Saturday to discuss K-8 options for Roslindale. Currently, other West Zone neighborhoods have K-8 schools, e.g., Kilmer, Beethoven/Ohrenberger beginning next year, Lyndon, and Curley; but Roslindale doesn’t have an option like this unless you happen to fall within another K-8 school’s walk zone.

I attended the Manning’s school preview yesterday (full write-up to follow), and they said they really hope BPS will approve them changing from K2-5 to K1-8. The principal said she wasn’t sure when a decision would be made on this.

The Roslindale Transcript this week outlines a few K-8 possibilities for Rozzie:

"One option is to create guaranteed assignments with the Boston Teachers Union School (in Jamaica Plain on the Roslindale border) from one or more Roslindale schools. There have also been discussions of a feeder model system between the Bates and Mozart schools.

“Another Roslindale school option, albeit not a K-8 choice, is the expected conversion of the Haley School to a pilot school for next fall (the School Committee will vote on Nov. 19 to approve or disapprove the school’s pilot status).”

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